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Celestine Lipsey is a Renaissance woman, but no matter what she's up to, it's a given that she's going to make you look good. Celestine's online boutique, Olsolneo, adorns lobes with her own hand-woven hoops. Her work in retail swaths shoppers in new duds. And at Odell's Glamour Studio, she calls upon her talents as a makeup artist and aesthetician. Celestine's menu of services at Odell's includes brow-shaping, brown-sugar facials, and lash extensions.


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Makeup Artist : Celestine Lipsey


I am a self proclaimed brow correction specialist, licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist. I create value by using old school methods and natural ingredients to customize facials, and makeup techniques that create beautiful earthy glamour looks for my clients. 

Odell's Glamour Studio is a private, relaxing studio with convenient and flexible online scheduling. Our organic, custom blended facials offer instant results and our premium brow, lash and makeup enhancement services all come with an 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Problem Brows? (too thin, bad arch etc..) I can help! I've helped others grow their brows back and correct their arches! I am a Licensed Esthetician, Beauty Therapist and Professional Makeup artist. 20+ years experience in cosmetics and skincare.


I have a passion for my clients and help them to enhance their health and beauty. I create value by using old school methods and natural ingredients to polish and heal skin. I use techniques that create beautiful Earthy Glamour Looks.

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